Price List

Price Lists (all prices net)

Accounting office- accounting services:

  • complete accounting services from PLN 700 (as per Accounting Act, without additional reports, service in Polish)
  • revenue and expense ledgers: from PLN 300

Personnel and payroll services:

  • personnel and payroll services for domestic employees: PLN 55/person (subject to negotiations above 20 employees)
  • service for employees assigned to work temporarily in other countries: PLN 110/person (subject to negotiations above 20 employees)
  • work permit for a foreigner: PLN 300

Lease of conference rooms:

  • room for 12 people: PLN 500/day
  • room for 6 people: PLN 300/day
  • coffee break: PLN 15/person
  • catering service: as per selected menu

Lease of office space/virtual office:

  • business activity registration address with reception service: PLN 200/month

All prices are net amounts exclusive of VAT, additional office fees, stamp fees or notarial fees. The prices shall be considered estimates only and the Price List shall not be considered an offer in the meaning of Article 66 of the Civil Code and has been presented for the purpose of estimation costs only.