Advisory services

Accounting supervision (chief accountant)

Accounting supervisory services covers outsourcing of chief accountant role , i.e. supervision of company's staff. The scope of services is as follows:

  • ongoing subject matter support of staff
  • verification of booking entries in the system
  • design of accounting principles
  • implementation and supervision of accounting procedures
  • analysis and verification of open items
  • verification/preparation of financial statements with attachments
  • verification/preparation of CIT, VAT tax returns and other
  • verification/preparation of reports for Central Statistical Office of Poland (GUS) and National Bank of Poland (NBP)

Personnel and payroll services supervision

Personnel and payroll services supervision covers outsourcing of supervision of those services performed by company's staff. We can provide the following services:

  • ongoing subject matter support of staff
  • supervision of employment documentation
  • verification of payroll calculation
  • design of remuneration principles, preparation/modification of employment, remuneration and Internal Social Benefits Fund (ZFŚS) regulations
  • implementation and supervision procedures for personnel and payroll
  • verification/preparation of PIT returns, social security forms (ZUS), forms and information for State Fund for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled (PFRON)
  • verification/preparation of reports for Central Statistical Office of Poland (GUS)

Internal audits - validation of correctness of current calculations

If you would like to make sure that the current financial, accounting, employment or payroll documentation has been correct, our service of Internal audit of calculations correctness is just for you. We will diagnose a current state and propose recommendations for future in an audit report.


Remedy of payment defaults and irregularities

If the current financial, accounting or employment and payroll documentation has been incorrectly or only partially maintained, or there was no such documentation, we will settle the defaults and remedy these irregularities by correcting and completing the documentation.


We provide the following tax advisory services:

  • day-to-day tax advisory services
  • request for an opinion of the Ministry of Finance for an individual case
  • advisory services in the proceedings in place before control bodies
  • representing the Client in the proceedings before fiscal bodies

The entity authorised to provide tax advisory services is Alma Laber-Tomaszewska, listed under no. 12475 in
Tax Advisors Register.


Support in ERP software implementation

During implementation projects, the volume of work of personnel of accounting or HR departments assistance of our experienced accountants and HR specialists that will cover both the subject and practical aspects of system implementation such as:

  • root cause analysis of project delay and proposal of solutions
  • training of Client's staff including individual training in relevant system functions
  • system parameters set-up
  • cooperation with developer to adjust system functions to Client needs
  • support in data migration between old and new software
  • booking of documents in new software in case of delays resulting from software implementation (short-term assistance: from a few days up to a few months)

Our service does not aim to replace the developer or Client's permanent staff of Accounting or HR department. Our
role is to assist the staff through delivery of subject matter support, to be a 'hired workforce' or to work with the
developer to finalize implementation project with a desired outcome.