Check below our Optimum Package which lists a standard scope of services for a company. We offer also premium options which can be tailored to individual needs of our Clients.

Accounting services Optimum
Premium options
1. complete booking register as per Accounting Act requirements:

  • drafting of Accounting principles agreed with Client- for Management Board approval
  • preparation of chart of accounts as per Client requirements
  • posting and booking of documents
  • maintenance of fixed assets register, calculation of depreciation
as per Accounting Act  as per International
Standards of
Accounting (MSR) MSR
2. preparation of monthly profit and loss statement as per Accounting Act template


as per individual arrangements
3. preparation of financial statement for a given year as per Accounting Act requirements as per Accounting Act terms date as agreed with Client
4. calculation of monthly, quarterly and yearly liabilities towards corporate income tax, submission of CIT8 form on behalf of Client  
5. maintenance of VAT register, preparation of monthly/quarterly VAT tax returns (VAT-7, VAT- UE)  
6. preparation and electronic submission of statistical reports required by Statistical Office (GUS) on behalf of Client  
7. preparation and electronic submission of reports required by National Bank of Poland (NBP) on behalf of Client  
8. annual payables and receivables confirmation as per Accounting Act  
9. periodic preparation of receivables and payables open items  
10. representation of the Client in control proceedings, cooperation with supervisory institutions (Tax Office,
Central Statistical Office (GUS), NBP)
11. archiving and storage of accounting documentation up to 5 years above 5 years
12. registration of tax payer: preparation of registration forms NIP-8, VAT-R, update of forms (upon request)  
13. preparation and submission of PCC form (upon request)
14. access to selected, most frequently used templates of forms and contracts  
15. periodic generation of calls for payment as per individual arrangements
16. reports for management purposes, financial analyses as per individual arrangements
17. package of information for consolidated report as per individual arrangements
18. reports for stock exchange purposes as per individual arrangements
19. settlement and booking of EU funding as per individual arrangements
20. booking operations in Client's system (partial or complete) as per individual arrangements